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  • Accounting
  • Preparation of the financial statements
  • Audit and Assurance

Business Consultancy

  • Project Management
  • Business Model
  • Business Plan
  • Legal and Financial Arrangements
  • Start-ups Assistance



  • Reporting requirements
  • Tax accounting
  • Tax consultancy


IT consultancy

  • Web sites development
  • Design


Our values


We Strive for Simplicity

  • Seek to continually simplify and improve processes, procedures and activities
  • Work across organizational boundaries/levels and break down internal barriers
  • Deal with people and issues directly and openly
  • Prize results over form


We Act with Integrity and Show Respect

  • Demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics
  • Listen to others for understanding
  • Assume positive intent


We Are All Accountable

  • Take personal accountability for our actions and results
  • Focus on finding solutions and achieving results
  • Actively engage in discussions and commit to decisions once they are made
  • Committing to success


  • A partnership perspective guides our firm’s relationships both internally and with clients
  • We take a long-term view in our relationships. We strive to build bonds founded on respect, caring, honesty, mutual support


  • We measure our success by our clients’ success.
  • We make all of our resources available to our clients and commit ourselves wholeheartedly to their success.
  • • We seek to identify our clients’ real needs, not just deliver good work. In trade-offs between ABCS’s and a client’s interest, the client comes first.


We Are Passionate About Our Business and Our Brand

  • Promote a positive, energizing and optimistic environment
  • Promote and implement creative and innovative ideas and solutions
  • Value the entrepreneurial spirit


  • Our Humble Beginnings

    Strong enough to make holes in the rock are tiny drops of water that persist to fall. Persistence is the attitude that breaks down mountains one rock at a time. ABCS was Founded by two former students that strongly beleive that a little step taken every day and passion can builds up a successful business.

  • An Agency is Born

    « Do not go by our humble beginnings, be wary of our enormous vision », a vision that thinking different is the first step for acheiving more. The underlying philosophy of ABCS Consulting is to leverage our own skills shaped by our vision and connections to support all our clients. That ABCS philosophy allowed it to be a part of every client business.

  • Transition to Full Service

    From one range service to a multiservices agency ABCS Consulting devlopped it service to assist clients in everyday challenges in a constantly changing business environment.

  • What we are today

    « Every big castle was once started with a single block », ABCS have steadily progressed to what we are today a consulting agency in partnership with their clients that offers a full service were accountability and integrity are the most valuable quality seen by our clients.

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